Following your heart not the trends!

Mar 4, 2022

While it is almost impossible not to be influenced to some degree by the latest trends and styles, it will always be preferable to build a collection that you truly love outside of what is considered ‘hot’ in the moment.  What you don’t want to do is spend your hard earned cash building a collection that five years from now looks dated and no longer holds any fascination for you.  So how do you avoid falling into the ‘trend trap’?

Firsty, when you are considering a purchase, have an honest conversation with yourself about why you might be buying the piece.  No-one else is in your head so be honest.  If you realize that you might be interested in a piece because you know others will be envious of it, that’s a red flag - you might be following a trend and are at risk of making a purchase that doesn’t truly speak to you.  Also, if it’s pushing a financial boundary, ask yourself why you’re so determined to buy it regardless - those inner conversations can reveal hidden intentions that will help you make your best decisions.

Secondly, ask yourself if the piece you’re considering is a classic piece or something that is more ‘hot right now’.  Maybe its neither - maybe it’s something off the wall that you just love!  That’s an easy purchase if so!  But many purchases fall into the classic vs trend discussion.  A classic piece is going to age well and is much more likely to be worn for decades, then passed down.  A trend is more likely to date and not be something you reach for once that trend has died down.  Bear this in mind before making a purchase.  You might still want to go for that ‘on trend’ piece and love it, but it’s worth considering before shelling out your cash.

Thirdly, take a small step outside of how pretty something looks - instead consider how well it is made.  Some pieces are made to last for the length of a trend.  Others for life.  If you’re purchasing pieces from the lower end chain stores, chances are high that those pieces are mass produced as cheaply as possible: Hollow shoulders, lightweight, thin mountings and prongs.  Gold prices are super high right now so modern manufacturers are cutting costs by skimping on the metal used to make their pieces.  Vintage and antique items tend to be heavier and built to last.  (This typically does not apply to modern designer items that are heavier and well made - I’m purely talking about mass produced pieces, and this is a case by case issue.  Get comfortable looking at pieces with an eye for how they are constructed.)

Lastly, take a good look at the collection you already own - make sure you don’t already own something similar.  This might sound obvious, but we are often drawn to very similar pieces as we love what we love!  Is it okay to own half a dozen sapphire and diamond rings?  Sure!  As long as you want to own half a dozen sapphire and diamond rings!  If you want a more diverse collection, you might not want to double or triple up - take a look over your collection before taking the plunge with a new piece so you can see how it will fit into your jewelry box.

Jewelry is not something that can be easily collected for most people - it takes an investment of both money and time to find the right pieces and to be able to afford them when you do find them.  Making good choices can mean the difference between building a collection that you can love and enjoy for life, or having pieces gathering dust in your jewelry box that were a costly mistake.

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