Welcome to Manor Jewels. This is a good place to to learn how we tick here at The Manor. On this page you can find details about our store policies and please do reach out with any questions. We are always happy to chat and help.

Store Policies


We do offer sizing however we strongly recommend that you have your ring sized locally.  There is no standardized mandrel and our mandrels may be a quarter to a half size different than what you expect.  So while most sizings are trouble free, some clients may feel that items have been sized incorrectly.  This can be 100% avoided by taking the ring to your trusted local jeweler to measure your finger and size it according to their mandrel.  Please note, we do not accept returns on pieces that have been sized and/or damaged by a third party.  Please make sure you are working with a knowledgeable jeweler for your sizing. 

Sizing price list for gold rings:

To size down: $30

Up to 1 size larger:  $35

Up to 2 sizes larger: $50

For sizing larger than 2 sizes or for items made with 18k or platinum and/or items with wider than normal shanks, please contact us for a sizing quote.

Silver ring sizing up and down (up to 2 sizes) is $20.


We ship within the USA for free at the ground advantage rate with insurance and tracking for orders over $50.  You can choose to pay for priority or express shipping if you prefer. 


After problems with packages being held up in customs and ‘lost’ for weeks at a time, we now only ship to select countries.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  However, if you know someone in the US who would take delivery for you, we are happy to deliver to them for you.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT DELIVER TO MAIL FORWARDING COMPANIES. 


Almost all international shipments will be charged customs tax at point of entry to the destination country.  This is an additional charge that is not included in the shipping fee and Manor Jewels is not responsible for.  We recommend making enquiries with your country’s customs office to determine how much this may be before making a purchase if you are unsure.  Please do not ask us to break custom laws by changing the value or type of package.  Most countries have fines in place which will be charged to Manor Jewels if discovered and we have had packages opened and inspected randomly in various countries with clients having to supply copies of the order to customs agents to prove value.


Layaway will not be available until items have been listed for a full 24 hours.

All regular priced items over $200 can be placed on layaway with payment plans between 2 and 8 payments, depending on the cost of the piece.  Each payment will be due in increments of 30 days.  Please be sure you want the item and can complete the payment plan as items are none refundable/none returnable - no exceptions.  Layaways that are cancelled partway through will be refunded only as store credit, less a restocking fee equal to 20% of the full purchase price.  Due to significant previous problems with none payment/late payment, these terms are none negotiable and any deviation from these terms will result in the layaway being cancelled and the restock fee will be deducted from any monies paid to arrive at your store credit figure.


Layaway by price:

$200.01-$450 - split up to 3 payments, initial payment of 33% total price

$450.01-$1000 - split up to 4 payments, initial payment of 25% total price

$1000.01-$2000 - split up to 6 payments, initial payment of 20% of total price

Over $2000 - split up to 8 payments, initial payment of 20% of total price

Please bear in mind that layaways are preferential terms for clients, not for the business, and cancelled layaways/none payment can very much hurt small businesses who are relying on that income as agreed.  Cancellations and none payment may mean we cannot extend layaway terms to you in the future.  Please think carefully before entering into a layaway if you may encounter problems completing the payment plan.


All packages will ship quickly and a tracking number will be sent via email.  Please use this to keep track of where your order is.  All packages require a signature on delivery for maximum security and your delivery person may not leave a slip to collect the package - they should but unfortunately, on occasion, they don't.  If you are keeping an eye on the tracking via USPS.com, you will know when the package is at your post office and available for pick up should you not see a collection slip.  Any packages returned for none collection (which happens after weeks of sitting at a post office), will be available to reship after payment of additional shipping or can be refunded as store credit less the actual original shipping costs and a 10% restock fee (final sale items will only be refunded as store credit less the shipping charges and a 25% restock fee).  This also applies to items refused for any reason.



All sale items, items purchased with coupon codes, and items that have been customized/sized are considered final sale items and not eligible for return.  Regular priced items can be returned for a full refund (minus any shipping charges for international sales) if notified within 3 days of receipt and returned within 7 days of receipt.  Any outgoing shipping fees are none refundable.  Buyer pays return shipping.  Buyers will be liable for any change in value of items not returned in the same condition in which they were shipped.



There are no guarantees with preowned, vintage, or antique jewelry.  All items are sold as is and we cannot accept returns of damaged items that have been out of our possession.  We strongly recommend having an insurance policy in place that can assist you should repairs or replacement be needed at some point.



Manor Jewels is not a wholesaler.  We believe strongly in fair pricing for our clients.  However, you are welcome to purchase any item(s) at the full prices advertised just as any other client.